Thursday, February 18, 2021

I have been able to get some work done on the farmhouse.  One of the biggest jobs so far was to paint the 19 windows.  That took quite a bit of time.  I finally got all 19 painted.

Some of the windows are working windows so I made screens.  Now in actual fact these screens did not look new in any way, shape or form when I was a kid.  But since I just can't bring myself to rough them up, what you see in the picture below is what the screen looked like the day it was put in, not like it looked when I was growing up.  

I love the look when miniaturist make things look old and well used.  I just can't do it.  

I posted some pictures earlier with the outside walls taped in place.  The windows and doors have now been cut out and it sure makes a difference.  As I look at the picture below I realize just how big this house is going to be when I am finished.  Where am I going to put it?  I have three other dollhouses and a big barn, not to mention all by Camp Mini Ha Ha projects, etc. etc..  Oh boy....sure can't take them all on the boat.

I think I will work on adding the second floor and the room dividers on the second floor.  


  1. I just love the idea of adding the screens! It is a detail that adds so much to the charm of of the project! I think when we fondly remember the places from our past, we always see them in their best light. So pristine screens are perfect!
    As for where to display all the projects - I am with you! But the thought of parting with them or stopping new projects simply because of space constraints is unthinkable, too. So, we'll live with the crowding and maybe just stop inviting visitors, lol!

  2. Si que parece bastante grande, ¡19 ventanas!.
    Yo tampoco soy capaz de envejecer las cosas, pero tampoco pasa nada. Así se ven perfectos.

  3. I love how the windows are turning out - especially with the addition of the screens. Yes, it is truly a very large project - which just amplifies the joy of it! I love your choice of wallpaper as well. It really does tie in to the 1950s period you are going for. I am excited to see the progress. - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada