Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Captain's Desk

No farmhouse update this week.  This week I wanted to show you a Captain's desk that I just love. 

While trolling the internet I came across an antique auction site.  I scrolled down through the sight and saw this unique Captain's desk.  I fell in love with it and decided I needed to try and make it in miniature. 

The description gave the height, width and the depth of the desk.  That is what I had to go on.    Everything beyond that was guess work.  I decided to use cherry wood for the desk.  I started by making the back panel of the desk.  Then I added the desk bottom since I knew the depth of the desk and the width.  The front panel was easier to do because I already knew the size based on the back and the bottom of the desk.  I was already loving this built.  On the inside of the desk I made the cubby holes the same as what the picture showed.  One side of the desk had four drawers.  Again I just guessed at the sizes based on the picture.

The other side of the desk had a place for maps, drawings or books.  

In the four drawers of the desk I put some letters from home, some seashells he is saving for his daughter, and a treasure map he keeps handy (just in case).   

I added some detail to the top and feet of the desk.  Thank goodness for tiny turnings.  I finished it off by filling the desk with everything he would need, including a good stiff drink.  
On the inside of the desk I added the two little drawers and put some paper, pencils, ruler, etc. to make it looked like the Captain used the desk often.



Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Before I go any further I should warn you that sometimes my grammar and sentence structure is a little awkward.  I think it’s because when I grew I learned to speak both English and French at the same time. I went to English school but somewhere along the way learned how to read and write in French.  Needless to say I am sometimes unsure where to put the commas, etc.  Sorry.
I sometimes think the farmhouse is coming along to slow.  I love making things for the inside of the house while waiting for the wood to arrive.  The wood has arrived and I haven't done anything to the house this week.  I made my two brothers beds.  I do not have a lot of before pictures (well you know why).

One bed was a little easier to make because I could make it out of wood even though it was metal.  The other was a metal bed.  I made that one from styrene tubes.  I used the toaster to heat the styrene tubes.  It actually worked quite well except that I did set the smoke detector off.  I am pleased with the final product.

Next I decided to work on some of the chairs for the kitchen.  We had a lot of chairs because we were a total of nine people in my family.  Some of the chairs were blue.  I remember those vividly.  I found some chairs that were the right style.  I did take a few pictures as I worked.  I made one of the chairs into a rocking chair.  Doesn’t every farmhouse kitchen have a rocking chair?

I am very pleased with these chairs, they are exactly like the ones we had growing up.

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Beginning of the Farmhouse

Since this house is going to take me some time to complete I will be posting other projects I have done along the way.  For the next few posts I will be focusing on the farmhouse.  Even though I am just beginning I have already realized just how little I know about stick building.  Obviously along the way I will be adopting "the Marilyn way" (flying by the seat of my pants) to accomplish these tasks.  However, whenever possible I will be drawing, designing and making mock ups because that's how I do things.

This is the interior ground floor of the living room and den.  Yes, I know it looks weird but as a child I liked the fact that I could look through the railing of the stairs into the den because we had our Christmas tree there.  You just never knew if you would catch Santa at his work.

It probably seems like an odd way to start building but it makes sense to me.  Kinda scary I know.  At this point I was waiting for some wood to arrive from the Northeastern Scale Lumber Company.  With my spare time I decided to start making some of the interior furniture and appliances.  This, of course, was before I decided to do a blog.  I do not have before, during and after pictures for some of these.  For the living room chair I followed Kris from 1 Inch Minis blog.  She is so talented.  I then just expanded the dimensions of the chair to make the couch.
I made the stove next from a picture of a vintage 1950's stove.  This was one of those "fly by the seat of my pants" projects.  Thanks to my older brother who was able to give my some direction.

The next project was to make the fridge.  Again I circulated pictures of 1950's fridges to my siblings who helped me pick out the closest one.  Again my older brother not only new the look of the fridge but also the make.  That really helped.  

I am going to try and post every Monday from here on.  So until next week "happy mini-ing" everyone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

First Post

Thanks to my friend, Marilyn, I have finally agreed to start my own blog.  She has been after me for some time now to do this.  I have been hesitant because I felt I didn't need another commitment, but I will admit I have really enjoyed her blog along with many others.  Thanks to my good friend Marilyn who has so happily said things like "you should add a bus stop to your train station" my minis sometimes grow.  I have taken her advise mostly because she is usually right.  She is definitely the idea go-to person.  However, unlike Marilyn, I cannot mini by the seat of my pants because I do not have a golden horseshoe.  I plan, design, and then build.  So....here goes.

I have started a major project.  I am making a replica of the family homestead farmhouse.  It is a major undertaking.  I'll post as I go along but there will be weeks when I post some other project I have made.  Variety...that's always good.   Someday I would love to do the family homestead in Ireland.  But that's another project.

Just a little bit about the farmhouse.  I grew up on a large farm in southern Quebec.  I have six siblings and consequently the farmhouse is large.  It is a two and a half story house measuring (in miniature, of course) 24 X 38 inches.  This is a picture of the farmhouse I am building.

I started by building the inside ground floor walls.  I did this mostly because I wasn't sure how I want to do the exterior walls.  I want to be able to see in every room in the house.  I will have to decide soon but in the meantime I am waiting for wood so I can work on the inside walls and making furniture..